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One of The Top Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand by LCMT TOUR

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Yee Peng is one of the biggest festivals in Chiang Mai, which attracts many visitors not only from Thailand but all over the world. This year will be held on 11 November 2019. Enjoy the beautiful night in Doi Saket with full moon backdrop and a mountain view whilst releasing thousands of lanterns into the sky.

Doi Saket is a beautiful rural setting 20 km outside Chiang Mai city. Less famous than the ones in Sankanpeng, Doi Saket Hot Springs are little known to tourists and even to some local Thais, but government investment in the hot springs and local environment is changing that. The locally-produced coffee is also famous throughout Thailand.

The beautiful setting of mountains, rice fields, a river and a clear night sky makes Doi Saket the perfect choice for this festival. Being rural, the venue is a much safer option for the mass release of lanterns. Many of the lanterns and rafts are handmade locally from nearby natural resources, bringing welcome income to the local community.

We started Yee Peng Doi Saket in the year 2016 with only 500 seats, expanding to 1,600 seats in the following year of 2017. Last year (2018) we had 2,400 seats with 3,000 lanterns was released.


VIP ticket

Standard ticket

Price for adult

4 500 Baht

3 500 Baht

Price for child (6-12 yrs)

4 500 Baht

1 500 Baht

Price for infant



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Kratong (flowers)








Beverage (non alcohol)


Yee Peng 12 th November 2019 Event Cancellation

Dear Guest

We are sorry to inform you that our second day (12th November 2019) of Yee Peng has been cancelled due to newly introduced local government restrictions. Therefore, we are offering all affected customers the following options.

  • Option 1 : Attend the event on 11 th November 2019 instead
    1. If you purchased Standard seats, you will upgrade you to the VIP area.
    2. If you purchased VIP seats, you will be seated in the front rows of the VIP area.
  • Option 2 : A full refund which will be returned to you by end of August 2019.
Please kindly advise us which option would you like to take by replying to this email by 20th July 2019. We are again sorry for the inconvenience caused by this restriction which was totally outside our control and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you and best regards

Festival Environment - Doi Saket District



You will have a full moon backdrop with a mountain view whilst releasing thousands of lanterns into the sky.

2 in 1 Experience

You will not only release sky lanterns but also experience Loy Kratong as well. You can pay your respects to the goddess of water by releasing beautiful lotus-shaped rafts decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the nearby river.


Our sky lanterns and Kratong are eco-friendly and handmade by the local villagers. The lanterns and rafts are made from natural sources such as trees or plants, which naturally decompose. The site is completely cleared of all rubbish the following day. Also, by releasing the sky lanterns outside the city area, you can be assured that the lanterns will not present a fire hazard to a crowded neighbourhood.

Language Help

There are Thai, English, Chinese and Japanese speaking staff available to help you throughout the festival if needed.

City-Venue Transfer

No matter which seats you choose to purchase, we provide you with return transfer from the city (from and to our meeting point) to Doi Saket Hot Springs. Just relax in our coach and enjoy the beautiful night with us.