Why type of payment mode do I have?
You can make payment to us either by bank transfer or via PayPal online account. We will send you the payment instruction upon confirmation.
How will I receive my tickets?
There are 2 options to collect your ticket this year.
Option1: Collect directly from office between 01Nov -15Nov 2018
Option2: We will send you E-ticket voucher between 01Nov-15nov 2018.
Is there a dress code?
Long sleeve shirt/pants are recommended.
Can I bring children?
We prefer not to have a young children but if you choose to bring your child, you are fully responsible for them.
Is food included in the ticket?
Yes for VIP seat. B & C Class excluded but you can buy from the vendor.
Can I bring/buy alcohol drink?
Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
Is transportation included in the ticket?
Yes return transfer from the city to the event. (No discount/refund for unused transportation)
Where is the pick up point in Chiang Mai?
We will announce by end of October 2018.
Can I park my car/bike at the meeting point?
It is a public area and there is no car park provided so please do not park your vehicle there.
Can I self drive to the venue?
There is no extra car park so you will have a problem parking your vehicle.
Can I purchase the ticket on the event day?
No you can not as we will not selling the ticket on that day. Please purchase the ticket in advance.
Are lanterns provided?
Yes lanterns are provided. VIP will receive 2lanterns, B&C class will receive one each.
Can we bring our own lantern?
NO you cannot bring your own lanterns. Please use lanterns which we provided but if you need to have extra lanterns, you can purchase at the venue.
Is there any accommodation near by the venue area?
There are no proper hotel/resort in the area. We advise to stay in the city.
Can you arrange Chiang Mai tour?
Yes we can, please contact us via email to make an advance booking.
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